6 Things Everyone Blames On Their Phone, Even Though It’s Really Their Own Fault


You remember that time when you woke up at 6am, then decided to sleep for 10 more minutes and set an alarm for 6:10 am? but you woke up at 10am? what if i told you your phone alarm had nothing to do with that and you’re just a giant sleepyhead?

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Or that time when your phone was on silent and you couldn’t find it, and you tried to call and realised that…umm… it couldn’t ring? yeah, that was totally your fault.

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What about that other time when you mistakenly tapped on the notification of someone you were avoiding and wanted to smash your phone afterwards. Who did you blame for that?

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Probably, the most common one is when you’re mad at your phone because of a missed call…wait for it…a call you missed…wait for it…because you LEFT your phone to do other stuff.

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One of the most painful things ever is your phone falling on your face while you’re lying down, i will love to blame the phone for that, but unfortunately you have yourself (or your…twitter fingers to blame for it)


Then there is the one where notifications keep popping up on your screen when you are trying to do something serious, and end up setting you back, but hey, nobody asked you to be famous.



When you have low battery and notification just wont stop coming in.

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