5 Ways To Know You Are A Side Chick


It’s a pity how many girls have been talked, dined and fucked into believing that they’re their boyfriend’s girlfriend, only to find out too late and too publicly that they were only the side chick. These  are  the  5 red flags  that’ll show you  you  are  the side chick and not  the main chick.

1. He always denies you in public.

”Meet my friend (insert name here).” is what he always says in public when introducing you. Red flag, especially if he has said things to you in private that CLEARLY didn’t corroborate this introductory title. No he wasn’t shy. Don’t make excuses for him. He’s trying to prevent news from getting to the main about you. You’re the side. Run.

2. He calls you only when he is horny.

It has been 3 difficult weeks of getting “Meeting. I’ll call you after”s and “I’m driving. I’ll call you when I get home”s. If he finally gets round to texting you and he opens with

“Home alone. Come over?”, or some similar thinly-veiled bullshit, you’re his side chick. You’re also better than that. Red flag. Run.

3. He gives you no attention.

He calls when he’s hungry and is gone as soon as he’s done eating…(I did something here). There’s no cuddling, no pillow talk. And EVERY girl needs after-sex cuddles. It’s necessary. He never spares you 5 minutes for you tell him how your day went…and when he’s finally gracious enough to allow it, he blanks out which has you constantly jolting him to the present. Instead of you giving food to that cheating bastard, rather help THE MERCY FOUNDATION as they donate this Christmas to the CAPE-COAST SCHOOL FOR THE BLIND AND DEAF.

4. He always talks about his other girls.

Man always talks to you about his other girls. Always and persistently. And it’s always something sexual. As if your mood-change wasn’t enough to cue him into how that hurts your feelings. That’s him letting you know how not exclusive you both are. And he’s doing it in the most off-hand way signature to most fuckboys. The bastard. Red flag. Run.

5. You are always out of his future plans.

He always tells you about what he wants to do and be in the future but you never seem to make the cut. You’re never in the picture. Think back. Take your time. Sift through all those times he spoke about future plans…there were never any “we”s and “us”s were there? There you go. It’s okay. You don’t deserve this. You’re probably a nice person who deserves nice things too, I’m sure. Pick your eggs and go. This basket wasn’t all that good-looking anyway and even smelt a little funny in the mornings too. You didn’t need him.


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