5 Things No One Wanted To Hear As A Kid


Either from parents or teachers, no one was pleased to hear these things growing up.

Cane or Belt?

Did they have to ask me to choose between the belt and the cane? As strange as it may seem,  my parents were used to giving me options. On one side was a cane soaked in kerosene and  the other was a fine leather belt, Hmmmmmmm, it was never an easy choice .


I’ll Tell Your Dad

The moment of silence when your mama goes like I’ll tell your dad when he comes back. Hushhh! Hushhh!!… Why don’t you get over and done with punishing me? Does it have to wait for my dad? Mothers knew just where my buttons were was and it always worked.


The Nurse Is Coming

For those of us who were scared of needles, nurses weren’t what you saw as pleasant people. My mama had to say that to get me to do everything around the house. The irony of how some of us fancy nurses in our adult years.


Go To Bed

Either evenings or afternoons, no kid loved being told to go to bed. Just when the Akan drama is taking a dramatic turn, your mum would be all over you to go to bed. Annoying.


This Is Your Homework

I had to say Hail Mary before the close of every lesson, hoping the teacher wouldn’t mention anything about homework. Boring, boring, boring..  Homework was the teacher’s way of telling you that you can’t watch Captain Planet today.



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