Guys, Here’s A Fun Fact: The Moaning Doesn’t Always Mean You’re Good.

Moaning in bed


You ever had to shut up a lady in bed for moaning in bed over what seemed to be nothing? Yeaaaaaaah, me neither. But IF YOU DID have to, then you probably caught her in a lie that has been told many, many, many times. Because half the time, you really are doing nothing to the girl, so you might as well just get over and done with the pounding and let her be. No, seriously!

Don’t believe me? Very well then, here are 5 Reasons Why Her Moaning Could Have Nothing To Do With Your Performance.

About the Man’s Ego/Self Esteem
Girls care so much about their man’s ego that they are willing to do the unthinkable to keep the guy’s ego gleaming. Girls just know that by groaning and moaning (more moaning than groaning though. This isn’t Sex for Dwarves 101), you’re gonna think your stroke game is great. And that just makes the experience better for you, which makes it better for her, and so on and so forth.


Hurting Thighs
Have you thought about this? Maybe, she’s moaning out of distress. Maybe, she’s uncomfortable or in pain. You’ve been going whap-whap-whap-whap for like an hour. The dragon spray doesn’t seem to be wearing off. Her thighs are beginning to hurt. Think about it? What do you do when you’re in mild pain? You mo…yes, that’s right, you moan! Maybe that’s all it really is, bro!


To Help You Cum Quickly
Girls have seen porn too. They see the porn stars doing it and then they’re all like….
Hmmmm, guys enjoy this?

Errr…I guess
No, no they must. Why else do they cum so quickly when they masturbate

Err…because, there’s no foreplay?

No, no…if I make him nut quickly, it must mean i’m really good?

Actually…..umm, never mind, I’m just gonna hold that thought.

Yeah, so her moaning may not have anything to do with your actual stroke game. She’s just deluded into thinking that if she exaggerates it, and you just happen to cum quick, then it must mean her sex game fuego!



Fulfilling A Fantasy
In a 2013 study conducted by WeDon’tCareWhoConductedTheStudy, it was found that 98% of girls worldwide have thought about someone else, at least once, while having sex. You know what that means right?

She’s enjoying it alright,


It has nothing to do with you.

Smile through the pain, bro!


To Fake Orgasm
She’s faking it. She wants you to believe she’s enjoying it. She wants herself to believe she’s enjoying. It’s probably really bad for her, if she has to fake moan. Stop. Just….stop.


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