4 Things Guys Need To Stop Lying About

Lies guys need to stop


You think your friend has seen and done it all? He’s probably lying about the many things he claims to have done.

She’s Not Mine

You are hitting the fine ones and the ugly ones are your friends? C’mon, who are you deceiving? We all know the ugly one is actually your world cup, LOL.

She Came At Me

Like really? You are going with the ‘she came at me’ lie? Oh yh, we figured out it’s mostly a lie so don’t bother.  How many girls out there do  hit on guys? The least show of interest and these guys start lying to their friends about who came at whom. Just stop with the lie already!

I Banged Her

The almighty lie that! You remember the time your friend spent hours in the room with the girl and came out swearing he banged her? Well, it’s probably a lie but then if it’s not, was it really worth the fuss? Most of the time, your friend is lying about doing the girl next door, he didn’t even see her bra strap.

I Gat No Fears

Ever dared a friend to do anything? He must have pretended like he has no fears. Push him to the limit and see him shit on himself, LOL.


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