13 Clubs You Probably Didn’t Know Are UEFA Champions League Winners

The UEFA Champions League is one of the most prestigious competitions in Europe. The Champions League has had a lot of winners, however, just a few clubs are known-winners.

Clubs like Real Madrid (13-time champions), Barcelona and Manchester United are the popular Champions League winners but there other clubs too who have won the competition.

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We decided to put together 13 clubs who you probably didn’t know are UEFA Champions League winners.

Check them out:

Benfica (Portugal)

Two-time Champions

Benfica won the Champions League back to back in 1961 and 1962. Benfica is the only team to beat two of Spain’s big teams in two years to clinch the European title. They beat 3-2 Barcelona in 1961 and Real Madrid 5-3 in 1962

Image result for Benfica champions league win in 1962
Benfica Champions League win in 1962

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Nottingham Forest (England)

Two-time Champions

Nottingham Forest won the Champions League back to back in 1980 and 1979. The amazing thing is that they won both titles with (1-0). The beat Malmo FF in 1979 and Hamburg in 1980.

Image result for Nottingham Forest champions league win in 1980
Nottingham Forest Champions League win in 1980

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Ajax (Netherlands)

Four-time Champions

Ajax won the Champions League in 1971, 1972, 1973 and 1995. Ajax also won their first two titles with the same scoreline. They beat Panathinaikos and Inter Milan 2-0 in 1971 and 1972 respectively. In 1973 they won the Champions League for the third straight time by beating Italian giants, Juventus 1-0. They won the league again in 1995 by beating AC Milan by 1-0.

Image result for Ajax champions league win in 1995
Ajax Champions League win in 1995

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Aston Villa (England)

One-time Champions

Aston Villa won the Champions League in 1982 after they beat German giants, Bayern Munich 1-0.

Image result for Aston Villa champions league win in 1982
Aston Villa Champions League win in 1982

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Celtic (Scotland)

One-time Champions

Celtic also won the Champions League in 1967. They beat Inter Milan 2-1 to clinch the prestigious European title.

Image result for Celtic champions league win in 1967
Celtic Champions League win in 1967

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Steaua Bucureşti (Romania)

One-time Champions

Steaua Bucureşti won the Champions League in 1986. They defeated Barcelona in a penalty shoot-out after 120 minutes of play. Barcelona had all their spot-kicks saved by Helmuth Duckadam (the goalkeeper of Steaua Bucureşti), who was later named “The Hero of Seville”.

Image result for Steaua Bucureşti champions league win in 1986
Steaua Bucuresti Champions League win in 1986

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Red Star Belgrade (Serbia)

One-time Champions

Red Star Belgrade won the Champions League in 1991. The defeated Marseille of France 5-3 on penalties, after normal time and extra time, could not separate the two sides.

Image result for Red Star Belgrade champions league win in 1991
Red Star Belgrade Champions League win in 1991

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Marseille (France)

One-time Champions

Marseille after their defeat to Red Star Belgrade in 1991 fought hard in 1993 to win the Champions League. The defeated AC Milan 1-0.

Image result for Marseille champions league win in 1993
Marseille Champions League win in 1993

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Borussia Dortmund (Germany)

One-time Champions

Borussia Dortmund won the Champions League in 1997. They beat Juventus 3-1 in the finals.

Related image
Borussia Dortmund champions league win in 1997

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Feyenoord (Netherlands)

One-time Champions

Feyenoord won the Champions League in 1970. They defeated Celtic 2-1 to clinch the European title.

Image result for Feyenoord champions league win in 1970
Feyenoord Champions League win in 1970

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PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands)

One-time Champions

PSV Eindhoven won the Champions League in 1988 after they defeated Benfica of Portugal 6-5 on penalties after a goalless draw after extra time.

Image result for PSV Eindhoven champions league win in 1988
PSV Eindhoven Champions League win in 1988

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Hamburg (Germany)

One-time Champions

Hamburg won the Champions League in 1983. They defeated Juventus 1-0.

Image result for Hamburg champions league win in 1983
Hamburg Champions League win in 1983

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FC Porto (Portugal)

Two-time Champions

FC Porto won the Champions League in 1987 and 2004. They beat Bayern Munich 2-1 in 1987 and Monaco 3-0 in 2004.

Image result for FC Porto champions league win in 2004
FC Porto Champions League win in 2004

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