You Might Not Have A Problem With These Basic Stuff But These Are Tasks That Are Quite Tricky For Left-Handed People!

One of the annoying things about being left-handed is having to learn how to use the right hand to do certain things since most of the things manufactured are made without really considering the 10% of left-handed people.

They have to learn to adapt and constantly improve their ambidexterity(ability to use the right and left hands equally well) because it’s easier to learn how to do things the right-handed way before trying with the left.

Here are some of the common tasks they struggle with on the daily.


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Simply putting pen to paper and jotting down notes is hard for left-handers because their hand runs through the ink as they write, smearing it. The struggle is real!


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Using scissors can be tiring for lefties because most of them were designed for people with right hands. When they use a pair of scissors with the left, they’re holding them upside-down, which leads their thumb to get stuck in the finger hole.

Eating at a crowded table

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If a leftie and a rightie are seated beside each other, their elbows will keep hitting each other and this can be a pain especially when you’re trying to bring a spoon-full of soup to your mouth.

Measuring food ingredients

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Glass or plastic measuring cups frequently print serving amounts to the left of the handle, meaning lefties who pour with their left and hold the cup with their right will either see nothing at all or the metric system side.

Dressing up

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Most zippers on clothes usually open on the right side, creating a barrier of entry for lefties and buttons make it even worse. The flap covering the zippers on pants blocks easy access from the left side.

Are you a leftie? Which other point did we miss?

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