Would You Try These 8 Extremely Rich Foods That Are Made With Pure 24k Gold?!!


First of all, it is important we tell you that none of these is fake gold

This isn’t some gold looking colour that is sprinkled on the food to make it look this way.

These are real 24 karat gold-covered foods!!

These things are called gold leaves and are real gold, pounded to become so thin you can wrap it around any food to basically decorate it and make it look more bling bling!

Fun fact, these gold leaves are only made from pure gold and nothing less than 22 carats which is why all of these foods are made from 24k!!!

These are real foods that have been sold in all parts of the world!!

Wake up like a boss!!

Image result for gold coffee armani hotel

This is a cappuccino that was served at the Armani Hotel in Dubai with gold leaves elegantly placed on top of the coffee!

Golden Sushis

Image result for gold leafed sushi

If you don’t lie sushi, maybe you’d like it better with flakes of gold on it!

Wings!!!! But like…swagged out wings!

Image result for gold chicken wings

The wings are wrapped in gold butter and served with any sauce you want to enjoy your wings in a restaurant in New York. All your favourite wings places have nothing on this!!!

What’s your flavour? Gold?

Image result for gold ice cream

Imagine getting ice cream and you’re asked: “would you like a dash of gold with your vanilla ice cream?”

A dozen sparkly donuts please! 

Image result for gold donuts

Chef Björn DelaCruz, who’s the owner of Manila Social Club in Brooklyn created this all gold doughnut with goes for $100 for one!

Rich burgers!

Image result for $1,770, this New Zealand burge

Got more than a $1000 to spare? Then this burger’s for you! It’s got gold-covered buns and the 24k gold is also sprinkled all over the burger just so you can properly feel like royalty when you eat it!


Image result for Lussory’s 24-karat Gold Wine

Lussory’s 24-karat Gold Wine is non-alcoholic and is infused with gold flakes. It costs about $150 a bottle and can easily be found in Dubai!

Talk about an amazing birthday!!

Related image

You can actually get your cake wrapped with the 24k gold leave

The fun part about all this is, the gold has no nutritional value! When this edible gold is eaten, it passes through the digestive tract without being absorbed so it doesn’t really cause any harm unless cheap gold is used!!

The use of gold on food is purely for aesthetics.

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