We Have All Had Either One Or All Of These Types Of Classmates At One Point Or The Other

Teenage African American male wearing a plaid button-up shirt sitting at a desk in class. He is writing in a notebook on his desk using a pencil. Around him are his classmates, also writing on their papers. They are all concentrating on their own work.

We have all encountered or know someone who falls into each of these categories of classmates.

This is not far fetched, we ourselves might fall into any of the categories.


  • The one who tells the teacher they forgot to assign homework. 

Image result for gif sir homework

This student will wait for the teacher to stop talking after a long lesson and ask if there won’t be homework for the class. This is where you see the reaction on people’s s faces. lol

  • The one who knows every secret. 

Image result for gif student who knows every secret

We all don’t know how this student gets her information but her gists are juicy and soothing to the ear. You will find this student in the middle of a huge crowd giving them the latest gossip(konkonsa)

  • The one who turns EVERYTHING into a competition. 

  • The one who is genuinely friends with everyone. 

season 1 student GIF by NBC

This student is friendly by nature. The first person to speak to a  student. Like his friendliness can be annoying but we can’t say it. You will not like to hurt his feelings

  • The one who never studies but always gets A’s. 

the fairly oddparents dancing GIF


  • The one who has everything.

bad girls club loren GIF by RealityTVGIFs


  • The kid who doesn’t panic when they forget to study.

calm down hasan minhaj GIF by Patriot Act

The Shark in the class. This student can also be the one who knows how to cheat without getting caught.

  • The one who always talks about music

emma watson GIF

This student has something to say about music almost every day

The one with surprising talents

Image result for magician in class gif


  • The Class comedian.

Image result for Class comedian gif

He will be the first person to laugh when the teacher makes a mistake. And will be the first person to imitate the teacher. As for punishment they really are not afraid of punishment.

Tell us where you fall.

You can also add more categories.


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