This Is The Fresher’s Intuitive Guide To Selecting The Right Hall


Hey y’all Fresh kuulpeeps of the University of Ghana!!!

Very soon, hall registration will commence and we are sure most of you are confused about which hall to choose.

That’s why we are here.

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Trust us, it’s in your best interest if you know what each hall offers so you can make a good choice.

Traditional Halls ( Commonwealth, Legon Hall,Volta Hall, Mensah Sarbah Hall, Akuafo Hall and Jubilee Hall)

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Proximity : These halls are close to lecture halls so you don’t spend much on transportation. And it’s convenient.
Jubilee hall however is as far, as diaspora halls, from lecture halls.

Cleaning:  Because they share bathrooms and toilets, cleaning staff clean the washroom. You’re responsible for your room only.

Rooms:  Halls have two divisions. Annexes and Main Hall. Annexes are mostly 4 in a room and main hall rooms are 3 in a room. Commonwealth hall and Jubilee hall however have no annex. Volta Hall has some double occupancy rooms at the annex. Also, Jubilee Hall mostly has 4 in a room policy.

Power:  Traditional halls have generators, but they’re not fueled, so you don’t pay for them yet with the exception of Jubilee Hall which has a working generator so have you to pay for fuel.

Cost:  Cheapest of the three categories


Diaspora Halls (Dr. Hilla Limann, Alexander Kwapong, Elizabeth Sey and Jean Aka Nelson halls)

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Proximity:  These halls are a little farther away from campus. It takes about 30 minutes by foot to get to main campus. To help, there are shuttle services that operate at about GHC 1 per trip.

Cleaning: Bathrooms and toilets are not shared here. Each room has it’s own bathroom. You’re responsible for cleaning your washroom and your room.

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Rooms:  All rooms in diaspora are strictly 4 in a room.

Cost: Diaspora comparatively costs more than main campus by about GHC 300

Power:  Diaspora Halls have generators for light outs. You pay extra for fuel as a result.

Others (African Union Hall [Pent] , Evandy, Bani and James Topp Nelson Yankah)

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Proximity: Equally as far from main campus as Diaspora. They also run shuttle services to help.

Cleaning: African Union has the same conditions as diaspora. You’re responsible for your own room and washroom.

Rooms: Based on you how much money you have, there are options for one , two, three and 4 in a room.

Power: They have generator sets for light outs.

Cost: Aside African Union which is the most expensive, the rest are also in quick succession with regards to costs. Relatively more expensive than the other two categories.

Aside African Union Hall, the halls in *others* are normally fallen on when accommodation on main campus and diaspora are fully booked.

Written By:  Afful Kwaku Appiah



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    August 20, 2017 at 1:29 pm

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