SSShhh! These Are The Secrets To Keeping Your Main And Side Boo Happy In Your Relationship!


So, you have a girlfriend or boyfriend but, you’re trash so you have a side piece!

How do you keep both of them safe and happy???

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We’ve got all the answers!!

First of all, let the side know their place!!!!

Remind them that they are the side and everything will go well for you!

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But…if you know they don’t want to understand and are going to give you problems…

Don’t take them to the same places!

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If you like to take the main shopping at the mall, take the side to another mall!! There are about 4 you can easily go to so you don’t have to worry. Divide and conquer else people will start to notice!!

Give your friends a heads up!

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Tell your friends about your situation. Tell them you have a main and a side so they should know how to act just in case! Guys, let your friends practice who should be called ‘wifey’ and ‘our wife’. Ladies, let your friends always be ready with the right response when your main or side start asking some questions!!

Save their contact name as something generic

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No real names here! Just so you don’t get confused and please always make sure you change it every once in a while so the same “boo” doesn’t get too suspicious.

Share the time with them evenly

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Make sure you spend equal time with the two of them so that no one suspects anything!!!

And finally, at the risk of losing them both, tell them about each other!

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You never know, their mind might dey roff and you’d all be together happily ever after!

Be careful tho…if you get caught, we never gave you any advice!!

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