#ScreenShot: Ghanaians’ Teasing Attitude And Our Growing Love Affair With Cyberbullying

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It makes living life hard when everywhere you turn, there are people coming at you and saying all kinds of derogatory things about you.

Unlike normal bullying that one can argue can be resolved once the victim and the perpetrator do not exist in the same geographical area, the same cannot be said of cyberbullying or cyberharassment.

Cyberbullying follows you to your school, the classroom, the playground, your home; the living room, your bedroom and even to the bathroom.

Cyberbullying has no geographical barrier, wherever there is an internet connection, one can get cyberbullied.

Another way cyberbullying can be said to be worse than any other form of bullying is that the action is perpetual – forever happening as long at the post is still on the internet and people have screenshots of it on their phones only to be shared online again whenever they want to.

Just like any tool, social media can be used for both a force for good and a force for destruction.

Though a number of people have made a decent living off social media and the internet, a large number of people have turned this incredible tool into a deadly weapon they use to inflict pain on others.

Trolling someone, exposing someone, publicly ridiculing someone online are some of the many ways one can be cyberbullied.

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In Ghana, people who fall within the categories from ordinary everyday internet users to high profile personalities have become victims of cyberbullying.

Songstress Wendy Shay, actor John Dumelo, television personality Efia Odo are among a long list of public personalities who are regularly cyberbullied for either their looks, profession and for basically living their lives.

To not become accomplices and perpetuate the infliction of pain on these bullied personalities, will not be republishing some of the horrendous things people have said about the above-mentioned personalities, however, it suffices to say that calling people derogatory names, juxtaposing their photos with “look-alike” animals is not nice to do.

To some, it comes off as a joke. Just a tease for a good laugh… nothing more.

However, to the person being teased, it’s an emotional trauma, a stab in the person’s level of confidence, a mental health struggle, just one more attack on the person’s personality.

The effect of harassing someone online is no different from the big guy picking up on the smaller pupils back in school. The only difference here is that this time that big guy can come into your bedroom, your living, in your private place and still manage to pick on you.

You might not be a bully but somehow, your inaction is enabling a bully.

The next time you spot cyberbullying or cyberharassment you can come to the defence of the victim.

You don’t know what to do and how? Click here to learn what and how you can be a hero.


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