Quiz: Are You A Fan Of Natural Hair, Show Us


Growing out your natural hair texture for a while before cutting off processed or damaged ends is called

The best way to protect your hair during the night as you sleep is to

Which one of these is a common natural hair myth?

All these natural products are good for healthy natural hair except

All of these are great ways to stretch your natural hair without heat except

All of these are great oils for natural hair except

Any style that tucks the ends of your natural hair away and protects them from constant manipulation is called

For healthy natural hair, you need to avoid one of these

Which of these is a natural hair type?

What does TWA mean?


  1. For someone who is 50% Egyptian and the rest from a Canadian with African American ancestry, whose hair is down to their buttocks, and got 20%. No. I’m not chopping my lovely all-real, all-African hair off.

    And yes, I do use rice. Not trying to be salty, but you may or may have not made me a little salty.


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