Quiz: Can You Tell If This Is A Movie Or A Bible Story?


Hey Kuulpeeps, we know you’re feeling bored at this moment…

So we’re gonna help you while away some time.

We’ll give you a short story and you’ll decide if it’s a story from the bible or it’s a movie.


The son of a God is sent to battle demons from conquering heaven and earth

Clash of the Titans

A young lady sets on an adventurous journey to find her lost father

Tomb Raider

God sends a congressman to build an ark in preparation for a great flood.

Evan Almighty. Note that Noah wasn't a congressman.

The story of a young man who died because he told his lover the source of his strength

Samson and Delilah

A young man took his share of his father's property and left home. He returned home after he had wasted all the money.

This is the story of the prodigal son

A guy was betrayed and sold by his brothers because he was his father's favorite son

A young baby with super powers was sent to earth to live as a sign of hope for humanity.

This is actually the story of Superman, not Jesus.


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