If You Really Want To Experience Beauty Sleep, You Should Switch To Satin Pillowcases!


Beauty sleep is one of the most common ways to simple beauty, but what if that sleep could be made even better?

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Nope, we aren’t talking about all the different oils and washes people use on their faces. Don’t go too far. We’re talking about the pillowcase you sleep on.

You’ve probably heard of women sleeping on silk pillowcases to stop frizz in their hair, but we have a cheaper and effective alternative: satin.

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First of all… why are we switching from cotton pillowcases that have served us well in the past? That was what our parents, parents’ parents and parent’s used and they supposedly had no problems with it.

The truth of the matter is that cotton pillowcases soak up a lot of dirt and oil from your skin and then can clog your pores if you are not changing them regularly. Dirty pillows can cause breakouts on back and shoulder as well as cause wrinkles.

Your Skin Breathes

If your pillowcase is made of cotton, wool, or flannel, the skin has a harder time breathing and staying cool. The warm, stagnant element of these materials cannot be compared to satin. With satin pillowcases, skin can breathe more which helps with minimizing pores, reducing irritation and redness, and increasing firmness.

Your skin retains moisture

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Satin helps keep moisture close to your skin and will help your skin stay more hydrated than many fabrics on the market. You don’t need to invest in so many moisturizing creams. All you need to do is to retain moisture by sleeping the satin pillowcases.

Reduces Hair Breakages

When you keep tossing and turning in your bed a lot of friction occurs and this causes breakages. Satin pillowcases reduce that friction to the barest minimum which reduces the occurrence of hair breakages.

Reduces wrinkles

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Friction doesn’t only occur within your hair. Friction also occurs between your face and cotton pillowcases and this causes wrinkles while you sleep. With satin pillowcases, the skin can move without friction and you wake up without lines on your face from your pillow in the short term and without fine lines and wrinkles in the long term.

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