How Was Your National Service? Have You Got Some Good Or Frustrating Experiences? This Is The Only Way To Spill Everything!!


National Service has finally ended and we know you lot have a million things to say about your experience!

The waakye queues, the “go and buy me gum” requests from your bosses, the annoying superiors you had to work with and all the stress you went through is bubbling within you, struggling to come out!

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It’s important to let everything out and that is why today’s Confession Box is directed at all NSS personnel…the fresh ones and the ones who have been out of NSS for years. This is for all of you.

The time is now to vent and share all the experiences you had during your National Service period. Finding the love of your life, getting the job of your dreams and all the other bad and stressful things…

SPILL IT ALL here: Kuulpeeps Confession Box (NSS Edition)

Remember, you are anonymous! No one will ever know it’s you!

Let’s get talking!

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  1. Please the distribution of our ID cards are too poor.I am almost done with my service and yet to receive my ID card.
    The deductions on our little money must stop,

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