How Good Is Your Memory? Let’s See If You Can Remember These Telenovelas From Waaay Back!


Who was Valentina's love interest in 'My Sweet Fat Valentina?'

Which telenovela had the characters, Yna, Eduardo and Amor?

Who was the main female character in Secreto De Amor?

Who was the wife of Mauricio in Juana La Virgen?

Which one of these is not a character in Cuando Seas Mia?

Which one of these telenovelas had a doll that comes to life?

What is the name of the lead female in Second Chance?

What was the Gardener's Daughter's name?

This telenovela is about twins who got separated at birth, got reunited and then switched lives.

After Rosalinda lost her memory, what was the new name she was given?


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