Guys! You Can Raid Your Girlfriends’ Closet Now! Here Are Some Female Fashion Items Guys Can Wear Too!!


Relax! We aren’t saying you should crossdress oh!

There are certain items your girlfriend or even your sister has that you can rock or wear without anyone batting an eyelid.

Women’s Purse

Image result for leather satchels and messenger bags unisex

There are some that are so feminine that it would be very odd to wear them but there are also some satchels and messenger bags that ladies have that can be worn by guys. If they’re made of leather then you’ve hit the jackpot!


Image result for black guy in men anklet

Yes! Guys can wear anklets. No, it’s not gay!

If you’re going to wear one, you must have a level of confidence in yourself, feel good in your skin and, essentially, not give a shit about all the pinheads, who are going to view your choice in personal jewellery as “gay”. You can wear the anklet with any clothing choice but remember not to wear it over long socks.

Flip flops

Image result for flip flops

There shouldn’t really be anything wrong with wearing this since you aren’t really wearing it out to an important place. You’re going to buy something just across the street? Wear your girlfriend’s flip flops and you’re good to go.


Image result for extra large t shirts


Ladies looovvee wearing oversized T-shirts and now that biker shorts are in season, they have a lot more shirts in their wardrobes. You can do some selection and pair them with shorts or trousers and you’re good to go. After all, if she saw those shirts in your wardrobe, she wouldn’t have thought twice.


Image result for african american people in unisex sweatpants

In short, if it fits, you can wear it. Most of the ones ladies like to wear are usually grey or black so you don’t really have a problem.


Image result for adidas unisex slides

If the colour is neutral and it fits you too (sizewise), you’re good to steal it! If she has Adidas slides de33 cool chop.

Generally speaking, if you have the ability to rock anything in the women’s section of the shopping centre you’re at, forget everybody and buy what you want!

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