Fresher! Here Are Directions To The Lecture Halls On Campus


We don’t want you being late for lectures, trying to find your way around. Some lecturers would definitely sack you from the class. New class, new faces naa yawa. Oh! Naa check out the lecture halls and their directions below wai:

  • Lecture Halls
Name Departments That Patronize Location
JQB (JONES QUARTEY BUILDING). Mostly Humanities  Close To The School Gate, Adjacent The Distance Education Office.
KAB ( K.A BUSIA) Mostly UGRCS Opposite The Law Faculty.
 CC Mostly Humanities Opposite The Athletic Oval/ Mensah Sarbah Hall.
LOT (LAWRENCE ORACCA TETTEH) Mostly  UGRCS Behind Pharmacy School, Next To School Of Nursing.
 NNB ( NEW N BLOCK) Mostly Humanities Behind The Info Studies Department.
KAD Botanical Gardens Road, Opposite The Political Science Auditorium.
NB( NEW BLOCK( 1-3) Mostly Humanities And UGRCS Opposite The Animal Biology And Conversation Science Department. Next To Political Science Department.
A1, B, G, G1, G3, G5, F4, F5 BSC Administration UG Business School
LT 1-4 Agric & Crop Science School Of Agriculture
LECTURE HALAA 1-4 Law Law Faculty
SF, EW, WW,(1-3…) Engineering School Of Engineering, Next To Pent.
FCOS ANNEX ( R1-R3) Opposite Chemistry Department.
STATS ROOM 202& 002 Maths And Stats Statistics Department. Opposite The Computer Science Department.
MATH ROOM 5 & 19 Math And Stats Behind Law Faculty
E9, E10 Mostly Humanities Upstairs Of EPP Bookshop, Forefront Of Balme Library.
Casa Hispanic Spanish Behind Legon Main Hall
Maison Francaise French Behind Legon Main Hall
H9, H4 Music Music Department. After The Fire Station.

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