Don’t Just Own Them. You Need To Know Their Names As Well. Here Are The Names Of The Different Footwear Women Wear.


Most of us ladies don’t know the particular names of the different types of shoes we wear and that’s terrible.

Every footwear we own is in 3 categories; shoes, sandals or slippers and we don’t really care because well, if you go to the market, you only need to have a screenshot of the type of shoe you want and you’ll get it.

Even the market women themselves don’t know the proper names but well, you should and we are going to help you with that.


Image result for pumps Image result for pumps


Image result for StilettosImage result for stilettos

Ankle strap heels

Image result for Ankle strap heels Image result for Ankle strap heels

Slingback heels

Image result for Slingback heels           Image result for Slingback heels

Kitten heels

Image result for Kitten heels    Image result for Kitten heels

Mary Jane heels

Image result for Mary Jane heels  Image result for Mary Jane heels


Image result for Wedges   Image result for Wedges

Thigh-high boots

Image result for Thigh-high boots  Image result for Thigh-high boots

Ankle boots

Image result for Ankle boots    Image result for Ankle boots


Image result for Mules   Image result for Mules

Peep-toe heels

Image result for Peep-toe heels  Image result for Peep-toe heels

Ballerina Flats

Image result for Ballerina Flats Image result for Ballerina Flats  Image result for Ballerina Flats


Image result for Espadrilles  Image result for Espadrilles

Gladiator sandals

Image result for Gladiators sandals  Image result for Gladiators sandals Image result for Gladiators sandals


Image result for Sneakers females   Image result for Sneakers females


Image result for slides   Image result for slides

Flip Flops

Image result for Flip Flops    Image result for Flip Flops

Now you know. When next you’re going shoe shopping, in addition to having a screenshot of what particular shoe you want, you can now name the particular one you want. You’re welcome.

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