After Jacquemus’ Tiny Bags, Are Ankle And Arm Bags The Next Big Thing? Honestly, We Are Here For It!


Tiny bags have been trending for a few months now largely because Jacquemus gave it the spotlight and some of us were wondering what we could put in them apart from our phones (that is even if it would fit); we believed they lacked functionality.

We haven’t even wrapped our heads around trying to make that one work and now, Frankie Collective is introducing tinier bags.

Frankie Collective is a company that transforms sportswear and luxury items into the brand’s clothes and accessories and they have launched what we think will be a trend in the next few months; Ankle and Arm bags.

You can wear one on your ankle with a skirt and sneakers, or over a pair of jeans, or wear it on your upper arm with a cute, tie-dyed tank top but the truth of the matter is that whatever you decide to wear it on, it will be fire!

If you want one you can check them out on Instagram, @frankiecollective

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