6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My First Job After Uni

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Navigating the workforce as a millennial today is tricky. High standards and expectations mean that adaptability has be as quick as possible. Here are six things I wish someone had told me about living life after turning the tassel: Months into my first job, I wish there were stuff I knew before starting work .

Getting Into A Routine


Until I started my first job, I did not think for a second that I was going to have a rigorous routine five times a week. From waking up at 5am daily through my  trotro hustle to getting home at 6pm daily, I wish I had known and psyched myself for this routine.

Learning Is Done On The Job

After four years of University education, I actually thought I knew enough to not have to learn anything at work. However, I started my new job and I had to learn most of things on the job. It took me sometime to admit that I have to learn from my colleagues. I would have saved myself some time and hustle if I knew this before starting my job.

Make Your Job Your Passion


The saddest thing anyone can do is to do the  job just  for the money. Before I started working, I wish I knew that I have to find what is of interest to me and find a job which supports it than the other way round. After working for a few months, I realised that I might be working for the better part of my adult life. As such, finding a balance between what I love and my job was important. Now I have to start all over again and work to live rather than living to work.

I Have To Like The People I Work With


Until I started working, I really did not know that it is important to like the people I work with to be able to succeed at my work. If I knew this before I started work, I would have approached my environment in a more friendly manner. From what I have learnt so far, it is easier if you relate well with people you work with; being it old or young, experienced and inexperienced. Now I have to start all over and build good relations to ensure that my work becomes a success.

With Freedom Comes Responsibility

When I started my new job, I had so much freedom as my parents realized that I am no more the kid I used to be. With this, I had to start feeding myself at work and managing my income. Until I started working, I did not know that I was going to get to a point where I had to save and make plans for the future according to what I earn. I had been misusing funds because I did not know where they came from.

The Real World Is Not That Scary

The real world is not as scary as I thought it would be before I started work. Although it is full of uncertainties, there is nothing scarier about it. I really wish I knew this before I started work because the fear I approached it with was intense and has not helped me so far.




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