5 Ways You Can Use Your Social Media To Make A Difference



Social Media is the one tool that can put many people thousands of miles apart in the same place. It is possible to use your social media beyond a recreational tool and actually touch lives and make a difference. You will find it fulfilling, the power you wield behind your phone to change the lives of people and make the world a better  place.


In this age of social media, you do not necessarily have to take to the streets to make a point or use violence to put your opinions across. Trends like #BlackLivesMatter and #Occupy have shown the power of social media to influence legislation and bring pertinent issues to the fore. If there is any form of injustice you want to fight against, you can use your social media to champion the course, surely you will find like minded people on the internet and you can make a difference

Sharing Hope And courage

It is possible with the power of social media to reach out to people across oceans and offer words of comfort and solidarity. Especially in this age of terrorism, you can counter terror by offering hope to the affected, it gives them courage to stand strong and defiant against extremists trying to break their spirits. Trends like #JeSuisCharlie after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris meant defeat for the extremists who wanted to break the will of the pen. Support from social media is why the magazine is still functioning today

Material Support

You can use social media to raise funds for a worthy cause. You could promote a charity on social media and raise bitcoins (virtual money) all over the world to make a difference in someone’s life. During the Syrian crisis, a photo of a homeless man and his child went viral on social media, over a thousand dollars was raised via bitcoin within a matter of hours to support the man and his child. The #IceBucketChallenge was used to raise over a million dollars for ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) research

Create Content

You can use your social media like all the great authors did with their pens earlier. You can create relevant content and share it with millions of people in real time. Know the power you wield with your social media and create relevant content that will drive conversations, influence behavior, educate and empower people.

Build Virtual Communities

One major criticism against social media is that it isolates people. It is however possible to use your social media to create communities for like-minded people. You can create support groups for people living with certain ailments, or people with similar challenges. You can also create communities for people to share knowledge, stories and experiences.

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