5 International Brands That Decided That Just Like ECG, Sankofa Is Sometimes The Best Option


At this point, we all know what is happening with Ghana’s electricity supply system. Once upon a time, it was called ECG (Electricity Compay of Ghana) and then we all heard about ECG coming to an agreement with PDS (Power Distribution Service) to take over their power distribution services so now, every complaint we had about light off was directed to PDS!

Now just this week, we heard ECG had ended their concession agreement with PDS because they were found breaching some parts of their agreements.

Now we know everyone is just shaking their head trying to get used to blaming ECG any time the light goes off.

Do you know what this reminds us of? It’s not the same thing at all but we thought of some huge brands that have confused their consumers by rebranding and then, immediately switching back to the old brand like nothing ever happened!


Image result for nissan datsun logos

Nissa used to call all its cars Datsun, until 1981 where they started calling the cars Nissan. Now, although they haven’t necessarily gone back to the name Datsun, they did start producing cars called Datsun.


Image result for mastercard old logo and new logo

Mastercard introduced a new logo in 2006 (on the left) but everyone just complained so hard they changed it back to the original thing!

British Airways

Image result for british airways rebrand disasterImage result for british airways rebrand disaster

British Airways, in 1991, decided to ditch the Union Jack which is the British flag, painted on the tail fin and try other paintings instead. We are sure it was beautiful but passengers kept complaining till they went back to painting the fins with the flag.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut tries to go it without the

In 2009, Pizza Hut changed their name briefly to the Hut with a whole new logo (right) lol you know what happened next cos guess what? we currently love and eat their pizza with the same old logo on the left!


Image result for Prince artist new nameImage result for Prince

The amazing and deceased singer was well known for his pleasantly weird self but there was a time in 1993 where he decided it was best if everyone referred to him as “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince.” It came with the symbol which was all he was identified by. Thank God he went back to using his name but, we think he could have easily got everyone calling him “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince”. It’s PRINCE he can get away with anything!

So…we guess it’s fine to sankofa when you really need to, right?

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