Want Your Skin To Look Flawless On A Low Budget? This Article Is For You.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been ranting on and on about why you have an oily skin, what foods you should pass by and the foods you should embrace to make your skin better. Today, we’re going to give you hacks in order for you to care for your skin properly. You don’t have to buy any expensive skin care. The products you need are right in your kitchen.

1. Honey

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Yup! Apart from using honey as a replacement for sugar in our teas, it has antibacterial and antiseptic abilities which benefit oily and acid prone skin. Honey is a natural humectant. This means that it helps keep the skin moist but not oily.

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To Use: Apply some on your face and leave it for about 30 minutes or more (you can leave it for half a day saf, it’s your choice). Rinse off with warm water.

2. Clay Mask

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You know “shile” or “ayilo” right? Oh! If you don’t know what it is then you aren’t our mates!

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To Use: Just get bentonite clay and add water to it or apple cider vinegar and then apply to your face. Leave for about 30 minutes and rinse it off.

3. Oatmeal

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Oatmeal helps calm inflamed skin and absorb excess oil. It also helps exfoliate dead skin. When used in facial masks, oatmeal is usually ground. It can be combined with yoghurt, honey, or mashed fruit such as bananas, apples, or papaya.

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To Use: Form a paste by applying warm water to the ground oatmeal. Add one tablespoon of honey. Apply it on your face and leave on for about 30 minutes, rinse with water and pat dry.

4. Egg Whites And Lemon

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Both ingredients are thought to tighten pores. The acid in lemons and other citrus fruits may help absorb oil; lemons also have antibacterial abilities. However, this remedy is not a good choice for people with egg allergies.

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To Use: Combine the egg white and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply to the face and leave it on till it dries. Rinse face with water.

5. Aloe Vera

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You can apply a thin layer to your face before bedtime and leave it on until morning. Aloe vera is known to cause an allergic reaction on sensitive skin.

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If you have not used aloe vera before, test a small amount on your forearm. If no reaction appears within 24 to 48 hours, it should be safe to use.

6. Tomatoes

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The acids in tomatoes (salicyclic acid) may help absorb excess skin oils and unclog pores.

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To Use: Combine 1 teaspoon sugar with the pulp of 1 tomato and apply to skin in a circular motion. Leave for about 15minutes and wash off.

Which other combination have you tried? Let us know.

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