This Is How Guys Act When They See Their Ex With Her New Man.

After a long week at work, you’re out with the boys on friday night, just chilling at Firefly

Then a voice interrupts the fun by yelling out your name, so you turn around like…

Then its none other but it’s your ex, but that’s not the issue, she’s not alone. SHE’S WITH HER NEW MAN!

She introduces you to him and he says “I have heard a lot of good things about you” and you look at him like… because you know you were a monster

Then he says “Abena is a wonderful girl, I’m glad I met her” then you just want to cry, but you always want to smile because mama ain’t raise no coward, now you have to do both

Image result for smiling through the pain

Then to make matters worse, they leave in a car, you wave at them but in reality this is what you want to do

Image result for black guy waving in car

Now you can’t even jam anymore, the beer starts to taste like tears, but only because its tears, now you just want to go home and cry in your pillow like

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Then you realise you have one reason to smile, you had her first!

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