They Lied To Us! Check Out These 3 Ridiculous Things People Said Will Increase Your Butt!

Just to fit into society’s standards of beauty, people experiment with a lot of things.

With most of the celebs we see on Social Media and television, there’s one thing that is dominant… the Booty.

This has influenced a lot of people so they keep doing things which will somewhat increase the size of their butts and this includes some of the weird things we heard about growing up but the fact of the matter is that there’s no proof that these things do actually increase your butt size.

Check out the things that you probably thought will increase your butt but is very false.

Sitting in a bucket

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Bruh!! Who brought this up?? All we know is that for some time, Syte girls (Students of Mfantsiman Girls’ Secondary School) used to have big buttocks and there came the rumour that when they get to the school, they’re asked to sit on buckets to increase their buttocks. Now that we are grown we know how dumb it is but charley, dem times de33 some of us used to do it too… holding on to hope.

Stretch marks

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There was this rumour too that if you have a lot of stretch marks on your butt it meant your butt will become big. Some of us are living proofs that this is very very false! Ei. They really put us in the bottle.

Stretch marks occur when the skin’s collagen and elastin fibres are stretched, like when a person grows or gains weight rapidly so brothers and sisters in the Lord, it means the butt that is there that you think is small nu has actually increased in size and that’s why there are stretch marks on it.

Soft Butt

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Really… where do we hear these stories from? People say if you have a soft butt it means your butt has the potential to increase. See, there’s really no evidence about this. If your butt is soft, it’s soft for only you and your significant other. There’s really nothing more to it.

Why did we ever believe these lies guys? How did they get us so bad? Lol

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