These Nuts Are All You Need For A Healthy Day To Improve Your Health

In general, nuts are good sources of fat, fibre and protein. Most of the fat in nuts is monounsaturated fat, as well as omega-6 and omega-3 polyunsaturated fat. However, they do contain some saturated fat. Nuts also pack several vitamins and minerals, including magnesium and vitamin E. Many studies have investigated the health benefits of increased nut intake. Nuts are one of the healthiest snacks you can eat, as they contain a wide range of essential nutrients.

  • Almonds

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  • Walnuts

Image result for Walnuts

  • Peanuts

Image result for peanuts

  • Cashews

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  • Hazelnuts

Image result for hazelnut

  • Brazil nuts

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  • Pecans

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