These Are The Favourite Phrases Of Ghanaian High School Teachers

Everyone knows a teacher who said this!

Woe Betides you: They might not even pronounce it properly, but hey, woe betide you if you attempt to correct your teacher who is better.

Hey, he’s a teacher, remember? He knows everything

I will make you a scapegoat: Teachers always used to threaten to use you as a scapegoat even though they have previously punished other people for doing the same thing. But again, always remember, he’s a teacher, he knows

A word to the wise is enough: They might not even add “A word to the wise is in the north” in an attempt to be funny. Only because you laughed for the first 3 times because you didn’t want to feel bad.

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If you don’t bring your school fees tomorrow, you will be sent home: Ummm, do I have to explain this too?

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Shortest in front, tallest at the back: If you have ever been to a school assembly, then you have heard this from every teacher.

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Those at the back, keep quiet: Students who sit at the back ALWAYS catch all the heat when the class is noisy because pretty much every teacher says this to them


Which of your teachers immediately came to mind? Lol


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