Sympathy Pregnancy Is A Real Thing That Makes Men Experience Pregnancy Symptoms When Someone They Care About Is Pregnant

I came across one of the weirdest, most what the heck things in the word – Sympathy Pregnancy. Or Couvade Syndrome, if you want to be bougie.

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But it’s pretty simple. It’s a real condition where a man experiences pregnancy symptoms, because someone he cares about, or someone he shares the same space with is pregnant.

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So like, a man…with no baby in his belly….will just wake up…and just be vomiting by heart in the morning, because his wife/daughter is pregnant.

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And it’s not just the morning sickness. Sympathy Pregnancy will extend to cravings right down to the exact food that the pregnant party is craving, bloating,…and even mood swings!!! A 2007 study found THIRTY-FIVE symptoms that can be shared due to sympathy pregnancy

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What sort of sorcery…? I refuse this thing in my life in the name of Jesus!!!


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