Make A Statement With These Adinkra Rings On Your Fingers, Meet The Trendsetter

Adinkra Rings are the new-ish. The Adinkra symbols are very special symbols which are encrypted with a lot of messages. Each symbol has a deep meaning and a message attached to it.

Meet Koo Kumi a poet and also a collector of Adinkra rings. Speaking to him, he gave us some insight into how it all started and the vision ahead.

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I started collecting Adinkra rings from 2014 after dreaming about it for a very long time. Having a ring on your finger makes unsaid statements and also makes you stand out. I realized that Africans are adapting symbols and other marks from different cultures and gradually or systematically forgetting their own.

Rings add up to your looks so why not get people to add a touch of their roots to their looks?

I wish every Ghanaian could have 2 or more Adinkra rings and learn about them too.

I have created STATEMENTS to serve every person who needs to crown his or her fingers. The rings are adjustable to fit each finger.

My team and I will continue to educate the youth especially about these interesting symbols and the messages they carry.

Speaking about the production, he said “we are focused on rings made of Brass now. We do tailored or customized rings in Gold. I am a collector, I have a smith who does the designs.”

We love these rings!!!

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