Here Are The 3 Necessary Tips For Laying Your Edges!

Our edges are art. Creating intricate swoops and swirls along our hairline may not require a paintbrush, but the skill calls for a brush none the less. For decades we’ve carved out creative patterns using a toothbrush. And while the tool is adept for getting the job done, it wasn’t designed for our hair.

Laying edges is a centuries-old tradition in the Black hair community, and despite its popularity, until recently, we were ill-equipped with proper beauty tools for styling our tender tendrils. Brushing the delicate hair on our crown is known as “baby hair” with inadequate tools has resulted in thinning and even balding. But with the new brush from Baby Tress, we can slick down our strands safely and stylishly.

How To Maintain Your Edges

At Afropunk Brooklyn, the brand celebrated the black beauty ritual with a styling booth where hairstylist Nigella Miller showed festival-goers how to sculpt their tresses using Baby Tress’ Edge Styler. ESSENCE stopped by the booth to check out the tutorials and to get pro tips.

“When it comes to edges, it’s all about your style and self- expression,” says Baby Tress. To get the edges of your dreams, the brand recommends their three-step process: slick, swoop and define.


1. First, start by slicking down your baby hair. Use the comb side of the Baby Tress brush to select a few baby hairs, and comb them out to remove any tangles. A little goes a long way, so start with a few strands and add more if needed.


2. Next, just swoop! This is where the fun and self-expression comes in. Using the bristled side of the Baby Tress brush, work with your curl pattern to achieve the perfect swirl.


3. Finally, it’s time to define. Use the pointed side of the Baby Tress brush to perfect your look.

Pro Tip: Pair Baby Tress with your favourite edge gel, and keep in mind that not all edge gels are created equally. Products that work for 3A won’t work the same for a 4C. When you’re practising your swoops, make sure you’re using products that your baby hair likes.

For styling inspiration, check out the gallery below!


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