Here Are 10 Weird And Totally Bizarre Things That Have Gotten Stuck In People’s Butts!

See, when we saw this list too we conf!

Suppositories saf it’s hard to… you know… put it back there so how the hell did these people manage to put all these things inside? Anyways, check out some of the bizarre things people put in their butts that doctors had to fish out.

An Egg

Image result for gun up butt xray
Egg in the rectum

One question. Was it boiled? Cuz how did they manage to… you know what? It’s fine. We won’t imagine anymore.

Vibrator and a pair of tongs

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Vibrator and tongs

Our guess is when the vibrator got stuck there, they needed to remove it and they had no option than to try and pry it out with a pair of tongs. How???

Wine Bottle and Coat hanger

Image result for wine bottle and coat hanger up butt
Wine bottle and coat hanger stuck in the rectum

Ei. A whole freaking wine bottle. Guys! Are we still talking about the asshole? Like… for real?

Light Bulb

Light bulb in the rectum

It … seemed like a bright idea at the time. Lmaooo!! But apparently, the light bulb was said to have shattered as it was removed.


A key in the rectum

The key to their heart is in their ass…

Beer bottle

Beer bottle in the rectum

What at all was this person trying to prove?? Why would you do this to yourself??


Related image
A dagger in the rectum

Why? No really, why? Why would you do this? Didn’t it hurt? Didn’t it cut you? Why did you have to put it up there?

A Jar

A jar stuck in the rectum

We are tired.


Image result for gun up butt xray
Fork in the rectum


Live Eel

Most embarrassing things people have had removed from their backside
Live eel in the rectum

A 50year old was complaining about inflammation of the bowel but a radiograph showed the shadow on an eel. The eel was biting his colon and he admitted to inserting it to hep his constipation. We are tired.

Lol. Which of these shocked you more?

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