Foodies, Up Your “Gari Soakings” Game With These Hacks!

Welcome back to class, foodies! Can we close our eyes for a word of prayer before we dish out today’s plate, please?

“O Lord of foodies, thank you for giving us a saviour. Thank you for this saviour which has saved many lives and has helped fulfil many destinies. O Lord of foodies, thank you for this blessing – our saviour, gari soakings which has been saving lives since 1957! Amen!”

So we pardoned you last time for not knowing what angwamoo was.

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This time, if you can’t relate to the prayer we just said, diswan, we need to whip you.. please bring out the cains. We don’t know what level of d-bee to place you. Perhaps, they are inventing another level after LEGENDARY D-BEE…smh.. till then….we have no choice than to help. Gari soaking is the mixture of cassava flakes, a creamer, sweetener, which usually is sugar and water.

Every Ghanaian peep outchea can give us testimonies of how gari soakings has saved their lives through senior high school and the university. Indeed, gari soakings is a companion that is yet to let us down. We all have been making regular bowls of soakings – the gari,sugar and water mixture with the occasional milk and peanuts. Well, today, Chef Kulio shows you how to up your gari soakings skills and add that extra “o”  to your bowl of soakings….literally..

How about condensed milk?

Let the milk powder and evaporated milk rest please. Next time you’re looking for something creamy to make that bowl of soakings, go for condensed milk instead and allow yourself some food orgasm. Condensed milk is already sweetened so you should watch the sugar when trying this recipe.. otherwise, odeepua loading! LOL. Try condensed milk and see the creamy  side of life, mehn!

Gari-on-the-rocks or whatchu saying?

Photo Credit: kweku_adu

No.. why would you add rocks to the sacred bowl of gari soakings? Don’t do that!  Gari-on-the-rocks is just gari mixed with ice cubes. Ice makes everything better! Cool it down on a hot day with a bowl of ice-chilled gari soakings. Everything would just be perfect the rest of the day. Just mind your teeth and take your time or else you’ll end up with a brain freeze!

Forget pina colada..introducing gari colada! 

Have you experienced how the taste buds scream with excitement when you add coconut shavings to your gari? If you’ve not, what are you still waiting for? Introduce coconut shavings to your gari soakings mix and you will see the light, lie oo..we’ve all seen the’s time for you to also experience it. Just add coconut shavings.

Try something daring..add some “nkyewe3

Not everyday groundnut err.. add roasted  corn to your gari mixture. Eiii, you say? “Nkyewe3” is the new groundnut…Or you could do the roasted corn and groundnut combo… all you’ll hear is BAM! BAM!! BAM!! You’ll be shocked! You’d have to add the water to the roasted corn while you have your gari mix ready. This helps the corn to soften and it goes easy on your teeth…or you’ll chew for ages..we tell you!  After it has softened, you can add to your gari mix.

Go classic, drop shortbread in it

Since high school, you have been using one particular type of biscuit that we won’t mention for your gari saaa.. it’s not nice. Switch it up peeps! Drop some creamy and buttery shortbread into your gari soakings. Classy er? The d-bees, this should be your go-to.

Okay! So that’s it! What’s good? These gari substitutes are easy to find and easy on the pocket. You can enjoy gari soakings in a different and fantastic way right in the comfort of your GhC 145 involved…lol.. Now that we’ve showed you the light, help us preach the good word.

Kuulpeeps, food class dismissed!





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