5 Legal Things That Are More Harmful Than Marijuana

LEGALIZE IT – NARCOTICS CONTROL BOARD BOSS….read the headlines on 29th July 2015, when Mr. Yaw Akrasi Sarpong, was said to have made those comments. Obviously, the potheads were delighted, but that doesn’t seem to have gotten us anywhere. Marijuana still remains firmly criminal, with KNUST student, Courage Gbagbo, facing prosecution for the possession of 20kgs of Marijuana.

So what’s the deal with Marijuana anyway? Here are 5 Legal Things That Are More Harmful Than Marijuana.

Public Transport

Nobody has ever been known to die from weed, but you know who died in a trotro accident last week. Somebody!

Weed 1 – Legal Things 0


Guess who has never been incited to fight, simply because they were high. Nobody. Guess how many people fight all the time at clubs, simply because they were drunk. I don’t have the statistics, but I’m pretttty sure, we’re looking at number upwards of 1. And guess who is going to have liver problem, heart disease, kidney problems and high blood pressure if they don’t stop drinking? Everybody!

Weed 2 – Legal Things 0


Legal ü

Heart Disease ü

Lung Disease ü

Cancer ü

Infertility ü

Kidney disease ü

Number 1 Cause of Preventable Death ü

Takes 14 years off your life ü

Weed 3 – Legal Things 0


Carbohydrates will make you fat, and you will develop diabetes and die

Lipids will give you a cholesterol problem, and you will develop high blood pressure and heart disease and die

You get proteins from meat, and now, guess what has been added to the “You’ll get cancer” list, as if high blood pressure was not enough.

The vitamins and things that you get from fruits and vegetables is now cos90, because they spray the fruits and vegetables with harmful chemicals

Can’t eat out either, because they’re cooking with Monosodium Glutamate and Sudan IV dye, and passing off vultures and human flesh as chicken.

Weed 4 – Legal Things 0

Coca Cola

Literally liquid toilet bleach. Contains more sugar in one bottle than your body is allowed to have in an entire day.


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