15 Things You Forgot You Hated About SHS

Let’s take you back to Senior High School (SHS), where most of you liked school but hated going to class. You really wouldn’t like going back to SHS to face all that suffering again right?

Let’s throwback, here are certain things you hated about SHS:

1. Tell me as a form 1 boy you liked inspections?

2. There was this one annoying prefect you hated

3. When you enter a class full of seniors

4. When a teacher or prefect seizes something of yours

5. When your vacation is very short. I mean very very short

6. When you don’t finish copying the note on the board and they clean it to add more to it

7. Going for exeats before going out of school and the house master denies you the exeat

8. When a teacher punishes the whole class because of what someone else did

9. It’s break time and the teacher still wants to teach

10. A teacher lashes you because you failed a course

Is it my fault I failed?

11. Free period but a teacher wants to use that period to teach

12. When it’s past rising and you still sleeping and the housemaster storms the dormitory

13. After a program and they say your class or all form 1’s should stay and arrange the place

14. I bet you liked scrubbing the toilet?

15. After drying your clothes but you go back and it’s gone


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