If You Grew Up With An African Parent, You Are Totally Going To Relate To These Ten Things



That time your friend’s mother made jollof, but you couldn’t eat some because home training

Seriously though, how were they ever going to find out if you did?

That time your Aunty asked you whether you wanted Coke or Malt, and you reeeaaaallly wanted Malt, but you dare not
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I personally could never resist those post-Malt beatings anyway.

That time your father was beating you, and you had to be extra about the screaming and crying, because how dare you be a hard guy and not cry when you are being beaten

They’d literally just beat you harder, and call you disrespectful for not crying

Someone gave you money, and you thought you could keep it? 
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Hahahaha do you take care of yourself? What about all the Milo your mother has been buying? How do you expect her to pay for it.

No matter how right you are, you cannot talk back.
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Right? Talk back? Are you interested in dying?

You just couldn’t watch the kissing scenes in movies

But you could be sneaky about it dooeeeee

Even if you are dying, you have to die first, and wait for a grown up conversation to end. How dare you interrupt?

Unless you are interested in sleeping on the streets, you cannot say an adult is lying
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Because everybody knows adults never lie…obviously

You sure as hell could not mention a grown up’s name without putting “Br’er”, “Sister”, “Uncle” or “Aunty” in front of it
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And you definitely couldn’t have too many friends or suspicious looking friends
Image result for no bad friends gifs
I mean, how dare you have a friend with dreadlocks. Who are his parents?


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