10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Touch Your Partner’s Phone

1. You Will See What Your Eyes Don’t Want To  See
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And whose fault would that be? Yours. Because if you had just left well enough alone, you would have been okay. Now, look at you, crying like a kwaakwaadabi. And it is all your fault. Don’t forget. You did this to you.


2.You Are In The Relationship Because You Trust Them, So Wossop
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I don’t understand why you’re in a relationship with someone you can’t trust. There is no sense inside this one. If you can’t trust them, leave. If you trust them, you won’t be doing distins.


3. Let People Enjoy Their Constitutional Right To Privacy

Article 18 of the Constitution shows our right to privacy, so basically you’re violating your partner’s human rights. And that makes you a bad person.


4. You Don’t Want Your Partner To Feel Policed

Not everyday insecure, sometimes understand that people want to feel free


5. If You Don’t Find Anything, You’ll Become Less Vigilant..And We Don’t Want That
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If you don’t find anything in the phone, you’ll think they are not doing anything bad and you’ll become complacent. Maybe they are just cheating in another way or deleting their messages. Put the phone down, and do better.


6. It’s Counter-productive, Because If They Notice, They’ll Get Smarter
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If you catch them once, and you don’t leave, they won’t make the same mistake again. By mistake, I mean getting caught.


7. You Might See Something And Misunderstand
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So he sent a text to a girl at 1am that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. What if that’s his pastor? But no, all you want to do is jump to conclusions. But relationship no be Inter-Co. Relax


8. You Are Wasting Data

I can’t imagine how you love somebody, and you are willing to waste their bundle loading their messages.


9. You Have Your Own Phone, Focus On It

The way is your front. Your own phone is better than your partner’s phone, but all the time you want to be pressing his own


10. You Might Drop The Phone And Spoil It
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That is how you’ll be pressing his iPhone 9S and you’ll drop it and spoil the screen. Where is he going to find 8000 Ghana Cedis to fix the screen? smh


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