You’re Causing Your Own Skin Issues! Stop Over-Exfoliating!!

Y’all need to chill out!

We get that the whole skincare routine is an amazing trend which is necessary for beautiful clear skin but honestly, some of you are overdoing it.

From those creating their personalized scrubs to those obsessed with doing anything that will get them clear skin, y’all need to chill.

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Now, those creating their own skincare products, kudos to you! You’re doing amazing and securing the bag and we stan! What we aren’t going to condone however is you not knowing what you’re talking about because you don’t have problematic skin or you haven’t researched thoroughly to serve your customers.

People are out here looking at your videos and doing exactly what you’re doing but the truth of the matter is that everyone’s skin is different and sometimes, the products you have will just irritate other people’s skin. It’s up to you, to be honest with your clients and direct them to use another product which you know will work for them because… well, you’ve done your research.

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Now brothers and sisters in the Lord buying different products just for that clear skin the seller has, we think you need to research on your skin before anything else so that if they prescribe something for you, you have an idea as to whether they will work or not.

Unto the second thing we are addressing today is over-exfoliation.

Yes, there is something like this. We’ve seen a couple of social media influencers use scrubs and masks back to back in one sitting and they advise that you do this every single day which is preposterous!

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You’d think that scrubbing your face would keep it clean enough that acne wouldn’t be a problem, but doing it too much can have the opposite effect. This can lead to hypersensitivity that can then cause breakouts… the exact problem you were trying to avoid!

If you have been over-exfoliating, you need to stop using your exfoliator immediately and relax for some time.

To end, know your skin for yourself, know what works for your skin, know what causes it to react and finally, talk to someone who knows what they are talking about when it comes to your skin.

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