UG: Ladies!! Here Are Seven Things You Must Absolutely Have In Your Bag Before Stepping Out!

Going out? You must have these things in your bag! We know you might probably have them already but then a reminder doesn’t hurt anybody.

Sanitary Towels

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Now we all know our monthly friend usually pops up…unannounced. It’s SOOO frustrating, but sigh, what can we do? Thinking ahead and placing emergency sanitary towels in your bag is like giving the middle finger to that irritating monthly disturbance!




Dirty chair? A spill on the desk or bench? Wiping of tears after a messy breakup?

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Tissues will always be there for you. What can you not overcome with a pack of tissues nestled safely inside your bag? Leave your home today feeling twice as confident!


Lip gloss/ Lip balm:

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Unimportant? No. Believe it or not, your face is the first place a guy will look when he first sees you…. well, 60% of the time anyway. The point is if you’re the type of girl who isn’t crazy about makeup, having lip gloss or lip balm around is handy. The lips have no natural protection from the sun, and it doesn’t produce oils on its own, so it’s helpless against the sun or dehydration. So even if you don’t want it to impress guys, do it for yourself. Save your lips.





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A girl just wants to check her appearance at different times of the day. Food stuck between teeth, smeared mascara or lipstick is just something that CANNOT happen. So, have a compact mirror with you all the time, okay?


Extra Money:

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Emergencies occur all the time. We don’t plan for it; that is why it is called an emergency. It’s important to be always prepared, be it having to grab a last-minute present for boo, a relative or a friend, or having to rush somewhere quickly. It pays to always have extra money you can fall on.



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This should be a no-brainer, but if you probably haven’t been keeping one of those you should probably start, like, now. Unless of course, you don’t sweat.


Pepper Spray:

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This is perhaps the least thought of item that should be kept in a bag. Its significance is grossly underrated. If confronted with a pervert or a robber, what are you going to do? Bash him over the head with your sanitary towel? Wave him away with your handkerchief? Pepper sprays are immensely helpful and have saved the lives of many girls.


Now whayasay? Lezz go get us some!!

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