UG: Here Are Some Low Budget Hair Pomades And Oils You Can Use To Grow Your Natural Hair!

Apart from moisturizing, trimming, protein treatment, protective styling and all other things you do, the pomade you put into your hair COUNTS.

It honestly does.

Some prefer not to use hair pomade at all, and that is fine, but if you do use it, here are three low budget hair creams you can use to keep that natural hair poppin’!

Shea Butter

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Shea butter is always and should always be the very first thing all-natural hair lovers should have in their little corner. Especially potent in its raw state, it’s easy to afford and keeps the hair lustrous and shiny. A bonus is that it prevents hair loss and soothes a dry and itchy scalp.

Chapter 2000

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Do you want rapid growing hair? Chapter 2000 is your man. It has this soothing feeling, almost minty, but hotter. It soothes itchy scalps and leaves hair feeling fuller and lighter at the same time. Add an acceptable amount of coconut or baobab oil and you’re all set!

Apple Hair Cream

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No, it wasn’t created by Steve Jobs, but it does have some pretty amazing qualities, in addition to being low-priced. It solves your dandruff problem, it adds lustre and it can tame your difficult hair.

Looking for waist-length hair, trust us on this!

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