Here Are 5 Things You Keep Doing Which Stops You From Finding The One!

So the weekend is approaching and as usual, you don’t have plans to go anywhere with anyone because you have no significant other or even anyone who is applying to be in that position.

Let’s guess… you’ll be stuck in your room watching series on your laptop and pretending the rest of the world doesn’t exist. You can convince yourself that you’re an introvert all you want but we both know it’s because nobody is hitting you up.

Don’t worry. This is a judgement-free zone. We understand and we are going to help you understand why nobody seems to be knocking at your door.

You use rejection as a coping mechanism

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You cannot stand the idea of someone rejecting you and so you reject yourself even before giving them a chance to know you. Probably your previous loves hurt you and so you think this is the only way to protect your heart but the truth of the matter is that that is what is preventing you from finding the love of your life.

You’re too busy

Ei. If every time you spend your days in your office, moving from one meeting to another or always in class or the library, how will you meet other people and talk to them? You need to engage with other people. Set your priorities and create some space for another person in your life unless of course, you aren’t ready.

Having unrealistic expectations

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Try to appreciate the people in your life right now. If you keep looking for someone or something better continuously you may miss out on the amazing people right in front of you. All you keep seeing are people with flaws but you forget that you have flaws too. Your expectations need to be realistic enough. You can have your standards but they should be reasonable.

Having a timeline

This is a very very important point and most ladies are on this table we are shaking. Mostly because of society’s dictations on when they should get married, they are pressured to get the most available person. If you’re too eager to get a significant other, the person knows and it mostly drives them away since the stench of desperation is all over you.

Bringing your past along with you into the present

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Whatever happened in the past should be there… in the past. You don’t need to carry all that baggage along with you. Don’t project your fears unto all the nice people around you. It drives them away.

Which point mostly describes you? Were we spot on? Let us know your opinions.

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