14-Year-Old Autistic Nigerian Who Graduated From Oxford University Wants To Build A School

Geniuses come in all shapes and forms.

What matters is, when geniuses are identified, they are given all the necessary support.

That can be said for 14-year-old Joshua Beckford who was born with autism and all the same, became the youngest person to be accepted into Oxford University.

Joshua has unusual skills in 8 different areas: Maths, Foreign Language, History, Philosophy, IT, Art, Science and Sport.

He was born in the U.K in 2005 and was taught at home from the age of 10 months.

He learned to read fluently using phonics at 2 years 6 months old, mastered speaking Japanese at 2 and a half yrs then started to learn Chinese Mandarin.

When Joshua graduated from Oxford University he had distinctions in all the subjects he studied.

Joshua is currently on a trip from the UK to his home country of Nigeria where he is expected to help build a school in Kaduna.

Watch him speak at TEDxVienna in 2016 below:

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