The Colour Of Your Pee Says A Lot About Your Health! This Is What’s Normal And What’s Not!

Everyone pees.

Urinates, weewee, pass water…pee!

But did you know that the colour of your pee says a lot about your health?

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Clear pee

If your pee is clear and looks like water, it means you are overhydrated! It means you have drunk more water than your body requires and that can be bad (not dangerously bad). So cut down on the water a bit (not drastic ooo)

Light Yellow or deep yellow

This is normal and is the very typical colour of a normal person’s urine. It means you’ve got enough water in your system.


Now when your pee is a very very dark yellow that’s close to orange or even orange, then you are dehydrated and need to get some water ASAP!!!

Dark Brown

Dark brown pee also means you are dehydrated but your pee might be that colour too because you are on some medications like Flagyl and chloroquine but it may also be an extreme case of liver disease.

Cloudy Pee

Cloudy urine is a clear sign of a urinary tract infection so get to the hospital as soon as you notice that. If your pee is cloudy, it means it looks slightly milky or it just looks like something whitish has been mixed with your pee.


If your pee looks red or pink, ladies you just might be in your period! Eating foods like Beetroots or Blueberries or anything that is a dark red pigment can also discolour your urine so…nothing to worry about there.

But, if you notice blood in your urine, go to the hospital and get that checked out immediately!!!

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So, the next time you go to the washroom to pee, how about taking a look at the pee in the WC bowl first before you flush.

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