‘Far From Home’ Extended Cut Poster Arrives As Spider-Man Swings Back Into Theatres

A new poster for the re-release of Spider-Man: Far from Home has made its way online. Sony is looking to further capitalize on what is already their biggest movie of all time by showcasing an extended cut in theatres that will contain a brand new action sequence. Whether or not that action scene alone is worth the price of admission remains to be seen, but if nothing else, it’s not a bad poster.

The new poster has Spider-Man at its centre, with a morphed image that showcases him in multiple versions of the suit featured in the movie, with the Iron Spider limbs and the stealth suit elements primarily focused on. Landmarks of Europe loom large in the background, with the words “extended cut” prominently displayed below the movie’s title. The image was shared by the movie’s official Twitter account with the following message.


“See The Extended Cut of #SpiderManFarFromHome featuring a Never-Before-Seen Action Sequence, starting August 29. Experience Spider-Man on the big screen one more time before it leaves theatres!”

If the poster looks familiar, that’s because it has been around since the movie original debuted in theatres. It is fan-art from Jesper Abels, who hails from The Netherlands. He won the Talenthouse Fan Art Contest. Now his ‘fan-art’ is officially part of the Spider-Man marketing campaign and considered official art by Marvel, Disney and Sony.

It’s difficult to bring up Spider-Man in any way right now and not discuss the ongoing, messy situation the franchise finds itself in. As fans are surely aware by now, Sony and Disney have failed to cut a deal for future entries, which means Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will no longer be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sony controls the movie rights to Spider-Man and they had been working with the Disney-owned Marvel Studios to allow for the character to appear in the MCU. Unfortunately, at least for now, that is all in the past.

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That means, for better or for worse, Spider-Man: Far From Home may well be the final entry in the franchise to take place within the MCU. That does create a whole host of issues moving forward. How will future MCU movies explain the disappearance of Peter Parker? How will Spider-Man 3 do away with connections to the MCU while pressing forward with the story? We are simply made of questions right now and, tragically, there are precious few answers to be had. Even more unfortunate is the fact that Tom Holland, who adores the character he plays, is stuck in the middle of this gigantic corporate mess.

Corporate messiness aside, Jon Watts directed a highly-successful sequel to Homecoming with Spider-Man: Far From Home. Even with the pressure of having to follow Avengers: Endgame, it worked like gangbusters. Thus far, the movie has grossed $1.11 billion globally and overtook Skyfall to become Sony’s highest-grossing release ever.

It might be nice to watch this movie at least once more and think upon simpler times. When Marvel Studios and Sony were working together harmoniously. When the future of Spider-Man and the MCU looked bright. That already feels like a long time ago. The Spider-Man: Far From Home extended cut arrives in theatres this weekend from Sony Pictures.

source: movieweb

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