10 Hurtful Yet Truthful Things No One Tells You About When You Start Uni

It’s time again for Senior High School graduates who passed their WASSCE and gained admission, to go the university.

By this time, most of you are already in your new school, excited about this new chapter of your life and hey you have probably, definitely been told so much about life in Uni, you cannot wait to have your share of the experience.

First of all, Learning is hard. Let no one lie to you! You’re about to be hit with some workload that is going to leave you confused and sometimes…you’d cry.

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And oh you probably heard something like this: “You don’t have to go to lectures every time”. It’s true, you don’t because no one is going to chase you with a cane to get you to go to class but lol there will be lecturers who will take attendance and use it for/against you cos it’d come with extra marks. If you like, don’t go and see.

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Some of you can’t wait to come and chill plenty especially if you are in Legon lol. Let’s borst your mind small: It’s not all about chilling, please! It will shock you that the parties aren’t every day wai and lol by the time you finish all your assignments, you’d see that you don’t even have time to go party. 

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Sex. Lol. Some of us think Uni is where we will have all the sex we want because…freedom and well…you’re a big boy/girl now right?  Listen, it’s not as easy as they make it seem ooo!! Having sex is awkward on campus cos you’re probably 4-in-a-room in your hall and your roommate will be banging on the door half the time, waiting to come in and sleep!

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Fun fact: Gnashing is alive and it is very possible to go all 4 years or more without any girlfriend or boyfriend! So yeah…you may not find your life partner on campus.

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Prepare to be broke because you will always be broke. That one dierr it’s very normal! You dunno how it will happen but you will be extremely broke all the time and there’s no Dining Hall to go get ‘free food’ from.

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All the stress will happen after your first exam. You will start to obsess about your GPA saaa till you finish school! It’s a constant battle of how low did I drop?? Am I going to resit this paper? Oh my God if I don’t graduate, my Father will kill me!!

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You are going to be homesick a lot. The idea of freedom sounds really good but you will miss home and sometimes, it’s not only because you miss your parents but because sometimes it is face to face meetings with your parents that will get you that extra money your broke self wants and sometimes you need to go steal some things from your house (rice, oil, food, curtains…)

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It’s easy to want to be with the people you know all the time but herh, being in a room with your friends is a bad idea!!! Don’t choose a room you will have to share with your friends because you will discover certain habits about them and there will be fights! Very serious fights that will destroy your friendships!!

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Talking about friendships…you’re going to be friends with some of the unlikeliest people! You’d be surprised that the girl/boy you didn’t really know or like in Senior High School will become your best friend just because you have the same classes. Sometimes, that senior who always punished you that you hated will be your coursemate or roommate and you will become besties!

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Don’t let these things scare you tho…You’re about to have the best years of your life because this is where you will grow some growth you never expected cos of the experiences!!!! The experiences will over you!!!

Enjoy Uni!!

And if you have finished Uni and you read this…we understand. We miss school too!

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