These Weird Sex Laws In Some Countries Will Make You Want To Scream!!!

Everyone’s screaming that they want to travel around the world with the love of their life and have nasty sex but have you ever thought of the fact that there might be some laws concerning sexual acts in different countries???

Lol, take a look at the weirdest ones we could find!

In Bakersfield, California, if the Devil tempts you into having sex…(yes the devil, Satan) USE A CONDOM!! 

or else…hell?

Y’all want to go to Dubai with the love of your life but… PDA is considered as an offence unless you are married then you can hold hands!!

Image result for couple hold hands gif

wow, how will you post those cute pictures right?

Masturbating in Indonesia can land you in prison for 32 months lol

Related image


Keep your hands in your pocket dears!

In Bolivia, Santa Cruz, you cannot have sex with a mother and her daughter at the same time!

Image result for side glance gif

So much for that family threesome, you wanted huh??

In London, it’s illegal to have sex on a parked motorcycle

Image result for sexy girl on motorcycle funny gif

….so maybe when it’s moving you are good to go? lol

In Budapest, Hungary…you cannot have sex with the lights on

Image result for light off gif

turn the lights down loooooowwww

In Indiana, you cannot give or receive head! It’s very illegal!!

Image result for give head funny gif


You aren’t allowed to kiss for more than a minute in Halethorpe, Maryland

Image result for quick kiss gif

Single people will be so relieved!!

In Alabama, USA, sex toys are illegal!

Image result for sex toys funny gif

so you know where to leave your sex toys when you go there right? HOME!!

But if you really need to take your sex toys with you, you can try two p3!!

Image result for sex toys funny gif

More than that means you’re going to get into trouble!!

In Hong Kong, a wife is allowed to murder her husband if he cheats on her – but only with her bare hands.

Image result for woman saying i'll kill you gif

so if he cheats, drop that knife and strangle him!!

Minnesota says it’s illegal to have sex with a live fish!

Image result for fish confused gif

a fish…who can resist that? imagine a sexy tilapia winking at you! Ugh!

Don’t be in a rush to travel with the love of your life if you know you’re going to do the ‘nasty’. Google their laws first before you go there!!!

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