Kenya Has Banned Public Performance Of Another Diamond Platinumz Song

The Kenya Film Classification Board chief executive Ezekiel Mutua on Tuesday proposed a restriction of two local songs in public places because of sexual innuendos contained in the lyrics.

In a tweet, Dr Mutua said that the two songs, Wamlambez by Sailors and Tetema by Rayvany and Diamond Platnumz should only be played in night clubs and bars and not in public spaces where children are likely to be.

“Both songs are pure pornography. While we may not ban them because they are coded, it is important for the public to know that they are dirty and unsuitable for mixed company. Let them be restricted to clubs, for adults only!” tweeted Dr Mutua. Both songs are full of sexual innuendo.

Dr Mutua’s tweet sparked both criticism and praise from social media users.

Through the hashtag #Wamlambez, Kenyans online expressed their views on the suggestion.

“When Society defends the outrightly immoral it is a sign that our conscience is dead. It is a horrible place to be in as a Country. Though late good work Mr Mutua,” Charles Mutuku @scripturemonger said.

Laikipia’s Finest @mainamunene_ joined in and said that, “I’m sorry but on this #wamlambez issue I stand with Ezekiel Mutua. Izi ngoma si appropriate in some functions wacha ziskizwe tu klabu na YouTube uku kwa (these songs are not appropriate in some functions, let them be heard in clubs and YouTube, on the) streets we need sanity for the sake of these kids man!”

The critics of the ban did not mince their words and said exactly what they thought of the KFCB boss.

“Who has banned Wamlambez? Honestly, something is wrong with Ezekiel Mutua. It’s actually too late to ban that song! Too too late! Someone should just give him a proper job! He’s too idle,” posted Anne Ndegwa @TrulyAnneNdegwa.

Kariuki without a P❌@bervonski added that, “What Ezekiel Mutua doesn’t know is that sailors released Wamlambez to a specific audience, which understands and accepts their music for what it is. So it’s not their fault the song outdid their expectations and became an international anthem.”

These are not the first songs to be banned this year. Also on the KFCB list of immoral content was Takataka by Alvindo and Kwangwaru by Diamond Platnumz.


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