Food Wars: 9 Unnecessary But Very Serious Food Arguments That Can Start World War 3

Everyone has become pretty vocal about their food choices and one thing that makes you go crazy is when you like or dislike some weird food combo or meal and you find out that there are people who disagree with you.

Shocking right???

How dare they not agree with you?!

There are certain foods that will spark a debate that can last forever if you don’t find a way to ease out of the convo and if you ask us, stay away from these arguments if you can.

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Pineapple on pizza

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people love them but others also wonder why you have fruits on pizza!!

Waakye with gari

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Do you eat your waakye with or without gari???

Oat porridge

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This popular breakfast is considered nasty by some and to others, it’s lit!!

Bread botos

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Some say it is the best part of the bread but others think it’s the nastiest part of the bread!!!

Rice with okro

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It could be okro stew or okro soup. Some don’t get why someone will even try to eat this with rice but others also claim it’s the ‘baddest’ combo


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It’s easy to think this is the national meal of Ghanaians but some find it disgusting and to be honest, those who do rarely express their sentiments on this food cos people will kill them!!

Boiled yam 

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This poor food seems to be hated by EVERYONE!!! The few ones who love it are always slandered the minute they say anything positive about this food.


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What we like to wrongly call pear in Ghana is fiercely loved by some and heavily hated by others.

Cereal and Milk

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The dbees like to debate heavily whether you prefer pouring your cereal (cornflakes) into a bowl of milk or you’d rather pour your milk into a bowl of cereal.

If you have never ever argued about any of these foods before, you just might be the mediator we need when we start a war from these unnecessary arguments.

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