Did The New Tekno Produced Track With Swae Lee And Drake Draw Inspiration From Upcoming Ghanaian Artiste, Nii Amu’s Jam,”Gye Gye Wo”?

With the help of a sharp-eared twitter account, we noticed something…something unique!!

Sheldon The TurnUp, a known DJ tweeted this yesterday:

He put together two songs, “Won’t Be Late” by Swae Lee which features Drake and was produced by the Nigerian artiste, Tekno and “Gye Gye Woho”, a definite jam by Nii Amu, a fast-rising artiste who in July 2019, performed at the biggest beach event in Ghana, Tidal Rave.

We figured those two were some jams we had to listen to until he added another tweet that piqued our interest!

He said in the other tweet, “Lol, I’m not saying they stole the song. I’m saying our [mans] are dropping harder jams here but we really sleep. And that is an example.”

Well, everyone knows all the good songs are not mainstream yet and are glowing quietly with the ‘underground artistes’ but what really was going on?

We understood when we listened to the songs!!

The songs sounded very….similar.

So we listened again and yhup, there’s some similarity to the songs that is so uncanny!!

The beat to both songs is eerily similar. However, the Swae Lee song, “Won’t Be Late” is more fast-paced than Nii Amu’s “Gye Gye Wo Ho”.

This is also probably just all in our head too but it sounds like the melody is also kind of similar and oh they both talk about a girl but hey, isn’t every song these days about some girl or the other.

“Won’t be late” was released on August 16th and “Gye Gye Woho” was released late last year.

Image result for thinking gif

Is this a case of “great minds think alike” or both artistes ‘sampled’ from same music or Tekno and Swae Lee really did get inspired after stumbling on Nii Amu’s music on Soundcloud.

Questions… questions…

Hearing songs sounding very similar isn’t rare. It’s actually common to hear big, mainstream artistes being accused of ‘taking inspiration’ from less popular songs littered all over the internet!

We aren’t accusing anyone of anything but hey, listen to the songs yourself and tell us what your verdict is!

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